Raspberry Pi Zombie


My first pi fell to the ground and was broken.
Today, after some work I changed the SD slot (it was damaged) and as my next project requires a raspberry compact I decided to take advantage of what already ruined.

I unsoldered the connector and I proceeded to soldered a new one. On this there is not much to say, it was simple.

But the next step that I did was remove the USB connector.
The space I have available is so small that I had to use a microSD adapter and use a USB extension cable.

To remove the USB connector, I had to drill and cut away. In fact, failing to provide alien technologies I removed the connector by cutting it and leaving the contacts to view.
With the soldering iron I heated the pond and then I removed all the pins with a blower and I removed it from the holes.

Usb Cut

I then proceeded to solder a 2×4 header so that you can connect one of those extensions that are used in the cases.



Now my raspberry working properly and takes up less space! So i have named it “Raspberry Pi Zombie”

I conclude with a small update on the shield, I had to replace the resistors soldered because they were 1mm larger and did not contact with the PCB.

Testing – Motor Shield for Raspberry Pi

So the motor shield is in testing, this means that I can continue with the next project, a WebC Car!

I have received all stuff so I solderd a lot of components and the first shield is here.The first board have a Male Connector to help debugging. It is also whitout the Heatsink.

H bridges works very well but i have found an error on the PCB (One led is mirrored). On the next version I’ll change also the size of holes, resistors will be SMD and also some small stuff

Now some cool photo from my phone.